Now open!


We are happy to announce That the Ranch Pub & Grill is OPEN for business!

Thank you from Jack & the staff for your continued shop local support during these dramatic times.

We have been part of the community for 65 years and have never experienced anything so extraordinary that has impacted all of out lives.  It is great to see our community come together to support one another.


Indoor dining now available!

Also, the dog friendly PATIO IS OPEN! 

Covered patio has heaters installed for your comfort, so come and enjoy!!


Beef Fajita’s $6.99 Monday Night 

Burger night $5.99 every Wednesday night

Thursday steak special $15.99



As we plan to re-open, we have been working diligently to make our pub a safe place to unwind while keeping you and our employee’s safe.

These are only some of our expectations to keep us all safe and healthy:

  • Please wait to be seated when you enter the bar.
  • hand sanitizer will be available as you enter the building
  • we kindly ask one person in your group to provide a name and phone number as per the order of our provincial health officer. Please write on the back of your paid receipt and submit to us. No information will be solicited and it will be destroyed after 30 days.
  • Due to covid-19 and BC Ministry of Health guidelines all children must stay seated with their parents to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers. If you are not able or willing to comply to this we ask you to dine elsewhere.
  • we have reduced capacity by 50% to maintain social distancing
  • all tables are 2 metres apart and there is a maximum 6 people per table
  • 2 person maximum in the restrooms
  • payment machines will be sanitized after every use
  • masks will be worn by employee’s at all times within the pub
  • all employee’s will follow strict hygiene protocols
  • you can view our menu online for less contact. If you choose to use our printed menu, it will be sanitized after each use
  • groups will be sat 2 metres apart with a maximum of 6 people per table
  • signs are throughout the pub as a reminder to social distance
  • tables, chairs and condiments will be sanitized after each use
  • all door handles will be sanitized frequently
  • all employees will undergo a forehead thermal reading before commencing work
  • you may be denied entry if you feel or look ill
  • patron’s not practicing social distancing will be asked to leave

We would love to hear from you if you have any precautionary suggestions that will work for everyone as a whole.